"Recreating Paradise"

Written and directed by Heinz Leger


This is the story of a Garden of Eden, hidden deep within the jungles of Southeast Asia. A national park that’s home to an almost unimaginable variety of animals. Not only noteworthy for its countless species, but the park is also known for the abundance of large animals, like the Asian elephant and its wild bovines. The scarce gaur lives here, the world's largest bovine species, and it is also home to the smaller, ruddy banteng. At some time in the past, gaurs and bantengs intermingled, mated, and reproduced – a sort of caprice of nature. The result is an extremely rare hybrid – the Krathing Daeng – better known to the world as the Red Bull.

52 min. Ultra High Definition, 16:9, Dolby 5.1
Produced by Terra Mater Studios



© Heinz Leger Filmproduktion 2020