written and directed by Heinz Leger

Proboscis monkey
"Like a handful of emeralds, the Andaman Islands lie scattered across the Indian Ocean, 1,400 kilometres from mainland India and 1,000 kilometres from Thailand. For millions of years this has been one of the planet’s most isolated regions, and it’s this splendid isolation sets this ar­chipelago apart. Plants and animals evolving during aeons of solitude have formed entire eco-systems that are found only here. It’s an ideal place to observe long-term processes of evolution – as well as evolution’s sudden jumps and turns: This is „Life’s Lab“.
The unique nature of these spectacular islands, from pristine coral reefs with their unusual life-forms to breathtaking rainforests unparalleled anywhere else on earth, from deer and elephants introduced by humans to endemic species perfectly adapted to their surroundings, makes "The Andaman Islands – Life’s Lab" a truly fascinating Natural History documentary in Ultra High Definition.

52 min. Ultra High Definition, 16:9, Dolby 5.1


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